• iStep technology.
    A scanner in a footwear store!

    In 2002, Aetrex launched a brand new foot analysis system called iStep. This patented foot-scanning technology is designed to accurately measure foot size, arch type and high-pressure points which could cause various foot problems in the future. The scanning process is powered by 3,744 gold-plated pressure sensors that measure the pressure exerted by the foot every 0.25cm². The high concentration of sensors results in unparalleled accuracy that allows it to accurately sense the small readings of a child’s foot.

How does iStep work?

  • 01 Stand on the iStep scanner

    Just remove your shoes and place your feet on the marked area of the scanner bed.

  • 02 iStep scans your feet to measure pressure distribution

    3,744 gold-plated pressure sensors scan every 0.25cm² of your foot.

  • 03 You get your results in 12 seconds

    You now have the information about your feet: size, arch type and high-pressure points.

  • 04 Now you know which insoles are best for you!

    After identifying the main parameters of your feet, the system selects your custom Lynco Orthotics.

Look after your health
using iStep and Lynco

  • Reduce feet fatigue

    • 1Size
    • 2Arch support
    • 3Equal pressure redistribution

    Improve your mood and self-confidence

    More comfort (no discomfort), less fatigue or sweating while walking. Those are main effects of wearing Lynco Orthotics. Your gait gets lighter, your posture gets better and your mood improves.

  • Correct posture and a healthy body

    Correctly fitted Lynco Orthotics help redistribute pressure on the foot and support the arch. As a result, uncomfortable feelings go away, your weight is properly distributed along the spine and lower body joints, so it is now much easier to keep your back straight.

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  • Get your feet scanned and learn more about your body

    Apps and games

    A user-friendly interface and exciting apps turn foot-scanning into an interesting and unforgettable experience. You can learn your arch type, measure your foot pressure distribution, and learn about possible future foot problems so you can take measures to prevent them. The scanning includes detailed information about your body type, BMI and other parameters.

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